Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haven't We Met Before?

Since I've been watching InuYasha, I can really see the similarities between it and Ranma 1/2. Since Rumiko Takahashi is the mangaka for both, it's not strange to note that the drawing style is very similar in both mangas... but that's not where the similarities end:

  • The antagonistic relationship between the two protagonists. The squabbling between InuYasha and Kagome reminds me so much of Ranma and Akane's. It's the 3rd grade all over again. You know what I am talking about- that boy who made it a point to make it clear how much he hated you. At about any opportunity he got. Preferably while standing or sitting right next to you. And no one else should even THINK of doing the same because he'd get pretty sulky and upset. Just as upset as he'd get if you said no to playing a game or riding bikes after dinner... Ranma and InuYasha go about mumbling "stupid girl" only to go completely overprotective mode at any hint of a threat- whether from foe...or potential suitor. Akane and Kagome are thoroughly annoyed, insulted, and indignant at those guys' "crude" behavior, but always seek those glimpses of warmth, kindness, and closeness.
  • A formidable catalog of foes. Ranma always had the most outrageous adversaries: everything from other fighters who fell in the cursed springs to bonafide monsters. The plot revolved around the various encounters with these enemies who always surfaced in search of a secret move, for revenge, because of a curse, etc. I just watched The Toad Who Would Be Prince and am amused at the diversity of demons encountered: Kagome's fall into the well is brought forth because of the centipede demon woman...And then there was the strange demon girl who used strands of hair to capture her prey and control and kill them, as a macabre puppeteer. Sesshomaru is very intriguing, but add Jaken and that terrifying two-headed staff and you've got my attention. There is a lot more to come, I realize...



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